Vertical - cover The world doesn’t look the way it should but if you have spent your whole life in it, you probably don’t notice it.

In “Vertical” cities attached to steel ropes are inhabited by people searching their vague Goal. They are unaware of the past, have no interest in the future. Only one man tries to figure out the nature of this world as his intuition tells him that surrounding vast Sky is not the best place to live. In order to solve this puzzle he decides to risk everything he has, including his life and find those who constructed the cities. It is a journey full of unexpected discoveries, a trip towards death and new life.

In 2006 The book was nominated for The Janusz A. Zajdel Award (Nagroda imienia Janusza A. Zajdla). It is the annual award given by the Polish science fiction & fantasy fandom for the best stories published during the previous year.

In 2006 the book has gained Nautilus Award Polish science fiction and fantasy award created by Robert J. Szmidt of the Science Fiction magazine. Each year, five novels and short stories are recognized.

Glodne Slonce

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