Mars - cover Settlers for centuries arriving in Mars have built cities, established civilisation. They emigrated from the overpopulated Earth in search for a new, better world, space and work.
We can see the Red Planet through eyes of a few heroes who take part in events crucial for the new civilisation.
The civilisation appears to be in full bloom-the whole planet is one country with one parliament and one common language. Apart from severe climate everything seems to be in perfect order. But inevitable disaster is on its way. People may live in the new world but they make old mistakes…
There are separatist movements in the less developed southern hemisphere, reduced and abandoned terraforming processes make the climate deteriorate drastically, conceptions contrary to one another push the civilisation onto a way with no return.
Exactly 300 years after the beginning of the terraforming processes a horrifying discovery on Mars dessert is made. It puts history of Mars, the old and the new one, in completely different light.
At first ?Mars’ was supposed to be a short story- up to a few pages long. I wrote it during one evening in February 2001 driven by some sudden inner impulse. For over a year the story was left in my drawer ( i.e. my HD) and then I decided to send it along with some other of my works to ?Science Fiction’. The editor in chief, Robert J. Szmidt read it and decided it is a good material for a longer form. He talked me into making it a novel.
I was not truly convinced to the idea but when I sat down to work it turned out the story started to grow around already written core.

Glodne Slonce

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  1. lynda bathory Says:

    Is this book available in English? I cannot find it listed anywhere.

  2. Rafal Kosik Says:

    No, but we work on it.

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