Felix, Net & Nika and Theoretically Possible Catastrophe

Felix, Net & Nika and Theoretically Possible Catastrophe - cover “Felix, Net & Nika and Theoretically Possible Catastrophe” is a full of humour adventure novel for young readers. Its heroes - junior high students are dragged into a string of mysterious events. They come across big carnivorous plant, accidentally turn on some strange machine for years hidden under the ground, try to prevent air crash and go on tour on flying sailing ship… and that’s just the beginning. At the same time they have to solve difficult puzzle that would allow them to come back home. It is not en easy task as they are chased by mysterious ghosts and even more mysterious MIB.

Felix’s inventions, Nika’s intuition, Net’s mathematical skills and Manfred - AI system - let them safely get away from troubles.
The book is written with young language, the plot submerged in Polish everyday reality. One adventure chases another and the book is to be read in one go.

This book has also been awarded the Prize of the Book of the Year 2005 by the Literary Competition IBBY Polish Section.

Glodne Slonce

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