Felix, Net & Nika and the Third Cousin

Felix, Net & Nika and the Third Cousin - coverFelix, Net and Nika go for a winter camp to the pension “The Three Cousins” located in the forest, in the middle of mountainous nowhere and run by very weird old ladies. Old furniture and very odd paintings create a peculiar atmosphere and things get really scary when somebody starts walking around the house at night leaving strange surprises for terrified teenagers.

The book, as all books in the “Felix, Net and Nika” series, is full of humour, spine-tingling adventures and twins and turns of teenage love life. Terribly tasty first polish horror for the young readers!

Glodne Slonce

15 Responses to “Felix, Net & Nika and the Third Cousin”

  1. pablo951 Says:

    Oh, I waiting when you add this ;) Very well, but are the whole series will ever been published in english? I hope I write it correctly ;)

  2. Olka Says:

    Do you translate this on your own? It will be sooooo cool if Felix Net and Nika become published in English. Teenagers love this genre of books, they would definetely buy them. I even made a page on Wikipedia in English about them =P You might want to check it out

  3. Olka Says:

    This is the link if you wanna see the article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix,_Net_i_Nika

    I want to write articles about the other books too, but it takes me a lot of time and it’s not that easy

  4. Rafal Kosik Says:

    Thanks :)

  5. pablo951 Says:

    nice to see that our favourite series also have fans beyond Polish

  6. Lucy Says:

    prosze pana, osobiscie pisze ksiazke i mam juz 156 stron. bardzo interesowalo by mnie ile mniej wiecej kosztuje wydanie okolo 250 stron w panskim wydawnictwie. Pozdrawiam.

  7. Dziebak Says:

    Yeah, “Third Cousin” is definatelly one of the best books from FNiN series. I have to say, I’m rly nagry, becouse i was on Pyrkon like week ago, but u know… i didn’t take any book… Iąm waiting for the next FNiN, couse i still like it, and it is rly nice to read it. I hope You’re already working haha! Yeah, it is like soap opera… every november we can buy new interrasting story.

    Hah, good luck

  8. Olka Says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t read 3K yet =( I gotta wait till I am back in Poland for summer. But I am really eager, and I am sure it’s gonna be great ;]

  9. Dziebak Says:

    Have u already started with FNiN 8? it would be nice to read this in english. I watch Discovery in english. I like books too, but they’re soo expensive. It is better than english lessons in school

  10. Anonim Says:

    if i translated FNiN oraz GNL into english, would you consider revising it and publishoing it? ;] or would i just waste my time doing it?

  11. Olka Says:

    ups, i forgot to add my nick xD it’s Olka

  12. Ja Says:

    O ,na angielski tez sa przelozone?!

  13. Rafal Kosik Says:

    Only few fragments.

  14. Malwina Says:

    Do you know when books (Felix, Net & Nika) will be translated into English?
    I want to read them in English…

  15. Malwina Says:

    I hope that it would be translated, when the film will come to cinemas

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