Felix, Net & Nika and Gang of Invisible People

Felix, Net & Nika and Gang of Invisible People - cover The novel should not be seen as another Harry Potter like work, although it is addressed to similar reader group. Heroes are not wizards with magic powers, they are high school students. What makes them exceptional is their personalities, skills and troubles they get into (and of course the way they get out of these troubles).

Felix, inventor’s son with a true talent to construct robots has great knowledge of mechanism of all kinds. Just like McGyver he knows how to make a helicopter out of some matches and ketchup.
Net knows about computers more than many computer specialists. He is brilliant at science and all of his school problems result only from laziness and absent- mindedness.

Nika, a poor girls severely experienced by fate had to alone deal with her life and thus appears as almost an adult. She is exceptionally independent and loves reading books. The girls has concealed abilities which emerge in unexpected moment, in unexpected way…

There is also Manfred, AI system that accidentally escaped from Net’s computer. It has become the children’s friend and helps them get out of troubles. With humanlike awareness he tries to behave like a person. Its attempts to equal men, not too well- hidden complexes lead to many funny situations.

Everyday there lots of absorbing things going on but most people just don’t notice them. Wouldn’t it be great to find a treasure chest while touring an old castle, reveal secrets of ghosts living in the attic or track UFO on a hiking trip?

The book has gained a great applause of young readers in Poland and has been awarded the Prize of the Book of the Year 2005 by the Literary Competition IBBY Polish Section.

Glodne Slonce

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  1. anna Says:

    is there an english version of the book avaible to buy?

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