Felix, Net & Nika and Orbital Conspiracy

Felix, Net & Nika and the Trap of the Immortality - coverDuring the New Year’s Eve party Felix, Net and Nika accidentally launch an experimental cosmic rocket. Secret services are looking for perpetrators and situation gets even worse when it turns out that the rocket will fall somewhere on territory of Poland. The heroes of the novel must eliminate the threat. A race with time begins.

At the same time everyday school reality does not make their task easier to achieve. The school strives for obtaining a quality certificate what leads to many absurd and very funny situations. Thanks to their common adventures Felix, Net and Nika will become even more convinced that friendship and helping people is what’s really important.

The book has won plebiscite Best Polish SF Novel for Young Readers

Glodne Slonce

8 Responses to “Felix, Net & Nika and Orbital Conspiracy”

  1. moi Says:

    wow!! Why in english??

  2. Rafal Kosik Says:

    Because this site is for foreign readers. Poland is not enough :)

  3. Olka Says:

    Recently FNiN was published in Czech Repuplic… Are you going to publish the FNiN series in English too?

  4. Rafal Kosik Says:

    It is tough issue for our publishing house to publish and sell books to other countries. I’m planning to find an english publisher.

  5. Malwina Says:

    When will the books published in English?

  6. Rafal Kosik Says:

    I don’t know. It’s not easy.

  7. Malwina_gryzelcia Says:

    Why did you first issued the books in Lithuanian. After all, almost everyone knows English.

  8. Malwina_gryzelcia Says:

    lithuanian it is harder to translate than the English

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