Chameleon - cover USS “Ronald Reagan” comes into orbit of planet Ruthar Larcke with a rescue mission. Four hundred thirteen years earlier a spaceship being in search for new planets which could be terraformed disappeared in this area.

Mission’s crew discovers new riddles: how is it possible that a planet one hundred twenty light years away from Earth is inhabited by a multimillion community of people? Has one of the crew members become infected with an alien life form? And is their mission really a rescue one?

War, revolution, behind-the-scenes intrigues, unfulfilled love. Thrilling action of The Chameleon does not prevent important questions from being asked. Is killing a part of the human nature? Do the limits of human understanding exist? What is the nature of faith? The fascinating multi-layered story, full of riddles, secrets and unexpected twists of the plot will remain in reader’s memory for a long time.

The book has gained The Janusz A. Zajdel Award (Nagroda imienia Janusza A. Zajdla), Sfinks in Polish Novel of the Year category and Jerzy Żuławski Literaty Award. Also the book has won plebiscite Best Polish SF Novel.

Glodne Slonce

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